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Exercise Wheel Silence Abdominal

Exercise Wheel Silence Abdominal

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Introducing the dual-wheel ab roller, a superior alternative offering enhanced support and stability compared to the standard single ab wheel. This workout essential comes equipped with a knee pad, ensuring a comfortable exercise experience with added protection. Embrace a hassle-free workout routine without the need for resistance bands, targeting your abdominals, hip flexors, and back muscles. The portable and compact design allows for convenient use anywhere – be it at home, the office, the gym, or outdoors. The high-strength stainless steel shaft can withstand a maximum weight of 500 pounds, prioritizing safety. With a 3.2-inch ultra-wide abs roller, achieve optimal balance and stability without deviation. The rubber cotton handles provide a nonslip and comfortable grip for your workout sessions. This versatile ab roller goes beyond sculpting abs and burning fat, making it an ideal gift choice with guaranteed satisfaction through our after-sales services. Experience joy in your shopping journey with us.





Material: Plastic
Size: 260*110*30mm
Weight: 1600g


Package Includes:
1pc* Ab Roller Fitness Wheel

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