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Laydee Sculpt

Multifunctional Yoga Pillar

Multifunctional Yoga Pillar

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The multifunctional Yoga Pillar is a must-have for anyone looking to take their yoga practice to the next level.

This folding, adjustable Pilates Foam Roller offers portability and convenience with its lightweight design and can be stowed after use for maximum storage efficiency.

Its 3D three-dimensional structure makes for a truly ergonomic massage experience, never too soft or too stiff, so you can have the perfect balance of comfort and tension relief.

Built from safe and non-toxic materials, this Yoga Pillar is sure to last while providing your muscles with the essential massage they need to stay healthy.

So whether in your own home or on the go, don't forget that some exercise can go a long way - grab one of our Yoga Pillars today!



Material: ABS+PC+TPE+POM

Diameter: 13.8CM

Expanded Size: 35x13.8CM

Folded Size: 13.3x13.8cm

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