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Laydee Sculpt

Unisex Black Zip Hoodies

Unisex Black Zip Hoodies

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A unisex black zip hoodie with a spider web print, suitable for both men and women. Here are some key features based on your description:

Design: Spider Web Print

  • The hoodie features a spider web print, giving it a goth/punk style.

Closure: Zipper

  • The hoodie has a zipper for closure, providing ease in putting it on and taking it off.

Fit: Oversized and Loose

  • The fit is described as oversized and loose, providing a comfortable and relaxed style.

Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve

  • The hoodie has long sleeves, making it suitable for cooler seasons.

Season: Autumn/Winter

  • The thickness and design suggest that this hoodie is intended for colder seasons, such as autumn and winter.

Thickness: Thick (Winter)

  • The hoodie is thick, indicating that it's suitable for winter weather, providing warmth during colder temperatures.

It seems like a stylish and comfortable choice, especially for those who appreciate a goth or punk aesthetic.

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