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Laydee Sculpt

Vintage Flame Hoodies

Vintage Flame Hoodies

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The Vintage Flame Hoodies is a stylish and casual addition to your wardrobe, featuring flame prints for a bold and trendy look. Here are some key details:


  • Style: Vintage, Gothic, Punk
  • Type: Loose Fit Zipper Hoodie
  • Print: Flame Print
  • Gender: Unisex (Men and Women)
  • Occasion: Casual, Streetwear

These hoodies are designed with a flame print, giving them a distinctive and fashionable appearance. The loose fit adds to the casual and comfortable feel, making them suitable for various occasions, especially streetwear and casual outings.

The zipper feature enhances the versatility of the hoodie, allowing you to adjust your style and comfort. Whether you're a fan of vintage, gothic, or punk fashion, these flame-printed hoodies seem to provide a bold and expressive choice.

Feel free to pair them with your favorite jeans or streetwear accessories to complete your look.

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